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Architectural Control
The primary purpose of design covenants and rules are to maintain environmental and architectural design standards for the entire community. The use of design standards not only enhances the physical appearance of a community but also helps to protect and preserve property values.
The promulgation of rules and enforcements is intended to achieve the following objectives:
  • Maintain consistency with the overall design concept for the community
  • Promote harmonious architectural and environmental design qualities and features
  • Promote and enhance the visual and aesthetic appearance of the community.
The Committee has put together an Architectural Policy Manual to clarify design standard, maintenance requirements and enforcement policies. The Manual can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
Architectural Committee Members
Justin Sutton
Matt Elkins
Joe Mosley
Scott Staples
Chris Mays
The general conditions for the design review requirement are found in the Architectural Control Section of the covenant documents and more specific rules will be found in the ARC design policy manual. Essentially, all changes, both permanent and temporary, to the exterior appearance of a dwelling, or lot may be subject to review and approval by the ARC. A review and approval is required for major permanent structural additions, or alterations including new construction of a dwelling on a lot. Major alterations in landscaping design must also be reviewed.
To the extent possible, specificity has been incorporated into the architectural guidelines. However, total specificity is not possible. The appropriateness and acceptability of particular improvements, especially those of a major nature, depend on a number of circumstances and factors that must be documented and evaluated on a case by case basis. An improvement that is appropriate for one type of housing, location, or lot may not be appropriate in another situation.
The criteria listed below provide the basis for both the development of design guidelines and the evaluation of individual design proposals by the ARC.
1. DESIGN COMPATIBILITY-- The proposed design modification or improvement should be compatible with the architectural characteristics of the applicant's house, adjoining houses, and immediate surrounding area. Compatibility is defined as similarity in architectural style, quality of workmanship, and similar use of materials, color, and construction details.
2. SCALE--The scale of the proposed improvement should relate to the size of the applicant's home, the location, the lot size, adjoining homes and surrounding area. This criteria applies to both structural and landscape improvements.
3. IMPACT ON NEIGHBORS--The proposed improvement should relate favorably to the landscape, the applicant's home, adjacent homes, and the neighborhood. Any alteration which changes the natural flow of drainage to the detriment of the neighboring property will not be approved.
4. COLORS AND MATERIALS-- Continuity or compatibility of color and finishing materials with the original construction and surrounding dwellings will be a specific consideration in evaluating the appropriateness of proposed improvements.
5. RELATIONSHIP TO THE ENVIRONMENT--Proposed improvements should not have a negative impact on the natural environment. The removal of trees or vegetation, grading and other topographical alterations will be assessed for potential adverse impacts.
Request for  review of a proposed improvement by the Architectural Review committee can be made by submitting  an Architectural Review Form and supplying the needed documentation. Their are two different review forms. A general Architectural Review Application and a New Construction Application. Both forms can be obtained by clicking on the links below.
General Architectural Review Application
ARC form.pdf- Microsoft Word Format
New Construction Review Application
New construction review form-Microsoft Word Format